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sos marriage

SOS Marriage!
A Ribaat Online Workshop

Enrollment Requirements: 

This full-day, online workshop provides viewers with tips, advice and support for starting and upholding an Islamic marriage in today's world. 

Join us as we learn from the experts how to deal with each issue, from choosing a spouse and maintaining a healthy relationship to dealing with the tough issues. 

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Session Schedule:

Opening with Anse Tamara Gray

Finding a Husband & Newlywed Life: Anse Rydanah Dahman, Sister Safiyyah Salaam, Sister Andrea Cluck

- Navigating the Process 

- Determining Compatibility 

- Relationship Advice 

- Reviewing Available Resources 

Intimacy: Anse Tamara Gray, Dr. Rima Makhiawala, Sister Megan Wyatt

- Healthy Intimacy

- Family Planning 

- Pornography and Infidelity 

12:45-2:00 pm ~ Managing Happiness: Anse Marah Dahman, Ustadha Sana Mohiuddin, Sister Nuriddeen Knight

- Wife: Bringing Personal Happiness to Make Joint Happiness 

- Turning Conflict into a Hug 

- Romance, Love and the Stages of Married Life 

- Managing Home Life, Schedules, Finances and more!

Serious Issues: Dr. Zainab Alwani, Anse Maha Hamoui, Sister Sadia Jalali

- Domestic Violence 

- Mental Illness 

- Divorce 

Polygamy:  Sister Zainab Younus & Sister Olivia Kompier

- When it's Right

- When it's Not

- Personal Experiences

Blended & Joint Families: Sister Menahal Begawala, Sister Andrea Cluck, Sister Afshan Malik

- Step-families

- Joint Family Life & In-laws 

- Blended Families and Self-care 

Closing with Anse Tamara Gray

Registration fee: 

$100.00 Non-refundable, non-transferable

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Registered students will have access to the forum and recordings of sessions until December 31st. 2017

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