Arabic Conversation Level 3A - Fall 2017

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Course Code: ARA C3A

Instructor: Anse Hanada Alech

Length: 1 term (15 weeks)

Course Dates: Sept. 13 - Dec. 20, 2017 
Timings: Wednesdays 10:00 am CST/4:00 pm GMT Click here to convert to your own time zone.

Classes last approximately 1.5 hours each. Live attendance is highly recommended whenever possible. As a conversation course, full benefit will only be achieved when attending live. Recordings of the sessions will be made available for registered students who cannot attend live.

Offered: This course is offered in the Fall term of each year.


  1. Students enrolling in the program must be women above the age of 17.
  2. Arabic Conversation Level 2B or equivalent knowledge.
  3. Arabic Grammar Level 2B or equivalent knowledge. 

Course Description: 

The Conversation track utilizes the al-ʿArabiyya li-l-Nāshiʾīn curriculum, building speaking and conversation skills from the beginner up to the more advanced level through interactive classes which allow students to participate in real time. The curriculum covers everyday conversation topics and integrates listening, comprehension, and writing skills, gradually increasing vocabulary as students progress through the program. Recorded lessons included in the curriculum offer an alternative to traveling to Arabic-speaking countries to put listening and conversation skills into practice. In addition to these recorded lessons and the textbook, in-class practice allows students to apply these skills with the instructor and classmates.

In Level 3, students advance to more complex conversational skills and more advanced language skills. As in previous levels, students will gain conversation, listening, speaking, and vocabulary skills. This level also focuses on writing as students begin to apply previous knowledge to express themselves in writing on a range of topics.

Course Requirements: Students are expected to attend the weekly online lectures, complete one or more weekly assignments as assigned by the instructor, and review and sit for a midterm and a final exam.

Registration Fee: Non-refundable, non-transferable

$100.00 (not including the cost of the course materials)

$20.00 late registration fee after September 10th (if seats are available)

Text: Al-ʿArabiyya li-l-Nāshiʾīn, Student Book 3 (PDF version)

Students are responsible for ordering their textbooks before the start of class. Ribaat textbooks are available to enrolled students through Daybreak Press Global Bookshop.

Placement: If you are unsure about your level, email to request a placement test. Once you have submitted and tests have been assessed, you will receive a recommendation for the appropriate course for your level.  

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