Falah Workshop 2019 | Recordings


Dr. Tamara Gray

A 7-day workshop to guide you to success in this life and the next. The Falah 7 Steps to Success Workshop with Dr. Tamara Gray is a highly sought-after program that provides enrichment, guidance, and direction for Muslim women. Each of the seven steps will give attendees practical tips for their spiritual and personal lives to attain true success, true falah, in both worlds. 

Designed by female scholars, celebrated by Muslim women, and brought to the comfort of your home by the Ribaat Academic Program - this 7 day workshop should not be missed!


Day 1 Akhira Glasses
Day 2 Retreat, Reflect, and Remember
Day 3 Seek Solace in Service
Day 4 Heed your Healthy Heart
Day 5 Make your House a Home
Day 6 Travel with a Guide
Day 7 Commit to Circles

Course Requirements: 

This is an online course so students will need access to internet. An internet speed of at least 2 Mbps is recommended for best performance. Headphones, camera and microphone may be required for in-class participation. To access the live class, students will need a computer, smartphone, or tablet/iPad with the AdobeConnect app. To view recordings of the sessions on a smartphone or tablet/iPad, the Puffin browser will be needed.

Classes last approximately 2 hours each. Live attendance is not required. Recordings of the sessions will be made available for registered students until November 2020.



Registration fee: 

$100.00 Non-refundable, non-transferable 

  • Students should be women above the age of 17
  • Registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Registered students will have access to the forum and recordings of sessions until November 2020.
  • Installment plans are not available for this workshop.
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For inquiries, email registration@rabata.org