Marriage, Children & Family Workshops | Recordings

Speakers: A panel of scholars & professionals
Length: 3 days


The conveners of the Ribaat Family Workshop series are eager to meet the demands of women around the world who want more education, resources, and support dealing with the issues affecting the most important people in their lives - themselves & their families! 
This three part Ribaat SOS! workshop series includes popular topics with practical, useful, and Islamically-grounded advice given by  qualified scholars and professionals. Topics include marriage, parenting, and inter-generational relationships.
Recordings are available for these three workshops for a limited time!

Topics & Speakers:

Day 1: Marriage

  • Finding a Husband & Newlywed Life: Anse Rydanah Dahman, Sister Safiyyah Salaam, Sister Andrea Cluck
  • Intimacy: Anse Tamara Gray, Dr. Rima Makhiawala, Sister Megan Wyatt
  • Managing Happiness: Anse Marah Dahman, Ustadha Sana Mohiuddin, Sister Nuriddeen Knight
  • Serious Issues: Dr. Zainab Alwani, Anse Maha Hamoui, Sister Sadia Jalali
  • Polygamy:  Sister Zainab Younus & Sister Olivia Kompier
  • Blended & Joint Families: Sister Menahal Begawala, Sister Andrea Cluck, Sister Afshan Malik


Day 2: Raising Children:

  • Spiritual Upbringing with Anse Marah Dahman and Anse Raghad Bushnaq
  • Traditions and Celebrations with Sr. Jenn Crooker and Ustadha Sana Mohiuddin
  • Developing a Tool Kit: Practical Tips for Parents with Dr. Hena Syed-Sabir and Dr. Eman Penny
  • To School or Not to School? with Sr. Kathy Jamil and Sr. Whittni Brown
  • Children with Special Needs with Anse Rydanah Dahman, Sr. Valerie Shirley, Sr. Heather Kamia, Dr. Mona Minkara, & Ustadha Zaynab Ansari

Day 3: Tides of Change:

  • Anchoring the Spiritual Upbringing of Newborns & Toddlers
  • Navigating your Teens' Segue into Adulthood
  • Managing Elderly Care and Support
  • Sailing Solo: Single Mothers & Parenting
  • Surviving the Loss of Children and Parents
  • Douse the Fire of Burnout

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