Spring 2020 - Oral Assessment: Ribaat Teacher Certification

Course Category: Certification Requirements| Level 2 Course

Course Code: CRT 202

InstructorAnse Dr. Tamara Gray

Length: 1 term (14 weeks)

Course Dates: March-April, 2020
Timings: Class is not held for this course.

Offered: This course is offered in the Spring Term of each graduation year.


  1. Students should be women above the age of 17.
  2. Students enrolling in this course are ready to graduate from the Ribaat Teacher Certification track upon recommendation from their designated academic adviser.

Summary: Students who wish to graduate with the Ribaat Teacher certification will be required to sit for an individual oral assessment. The assessment will be conducted by Dr. Tamara Gray, Rabata founder, Executive Director, and Chief Spiritual Officer. Dr. Gray will determine each student's level of competency and subject material proficiency based on the coursework she has completed.  

Course Requirements: Students need to attain satisfactory results in this assessment to receive clearance for graduation.

Registration Fee: Non-refundable, non-transferable: $100.00 

Auditing is not an option for this course.


For inquiries, contact registration@rabata.org

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