About the Ribaat Academic Program

About the Ribaat Academic Program

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Ribaat is an online academic program that offers courses in Islamic Sciences, Arabic language, and Tajwid of the Holy Quran to women around the world. The program provides Muslim women with a solid foundation through a comprehensive curriculum covering the full range of traditional Islamic Sciences. The aim of the program is to graduate scholars and da'iyas prepared to educate others, as well as to provide independent classes for those not seeking certification.

The language of instruction is English, and students are women over age 17. The academic year is composed of three terms. The Fall Term spans from mid-September to mid-December, the Spring Term from the last week in January through mid-May, and the Summer Term from June through August. The program is flexible to fit the needs and schedule of each individual student, so students may enroll in one course per term or more based on their availability.

Courses are each about 14 weeks long, and meet for a live session once a week. The online session includes audio and video of the instructor, a chat box for live discussion, questions and answers, and share pods to share sound files, images, slides, videos, and any other online content the instructor wishes to use as teaching materials. If the subject matter requires it, audio and video can also be enabled for students. Classes are recorded for students who cannot attend live.  Each course includes a range of assessments including written and practical homework assignments, written reflections, essays, research papers, projects, mid-terms and/or final exams.

Academic Tracks:

The Ribaat academic program is comprised of 13 tracks. Each track covers 4 levels of study in one domain of knowledge. At least one course is offered in each level of every track. Some courses are covered in one term, while others are divided into two or more parts. 

The 13 tracks are Sira, Aqida, Fiqh, Tafsir, Hadith, History, Tazkiya, Social Sciences, Communication, Education, Arabic, Tajwid, and Certification Requirements. 

Tajwid Program:

The Ribaat Tajwid Program enables students to become proficient in recitation of the Holy Quran, with complete understanding and application of the rules of tajwīd. The program takes students from the beginner level to fluency in recitation, and from there onto a journey of memorization of chosen chapters. The end goal is to produce students who are able to read and teach the Holy Quran with proficiency and expertise.

Tajwid courses consist of two components: 

  1. Theory is taught once a week in a group online session, to study the recitation of the Holy Quran, points of articulation, and rules of tajwīd.
  2. Students are also paired with a tajwīd teacher, who they meet for additional sessions and work with - either one-on-one or in small groups - to recite and apply the rules of tajwīd. These sessions are conducted online, using Zoom, WhatsApp, Facetime, or other online apps.

Arabic Program:

The Ribaat Arabic Program develops proficiency in reading and understanding Arabic texts.  The primary focus of this program is on developing learners’ abilities in reading and understanding written texts in Arabic, with a focus on classical/ liturgical materials. Subsidiary focus will be paid to developing learner skills in speaking, listening, and writing, all of which contribute to meeting the primary aim of the program. 

The Ribaat Arabic Language Program is structured into 3 levels: Novice; Intermediate; and Advanced, based on the first three levels of the ACTFL framework. Each of these levels is further split into 3 bands: Beginner; Middle; and High. A set number of modules will be required to progress from one band to the next, and to qualify for a level. 

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