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About the Instructor Coach Maria Shukri

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About the Instructor Coach Maria Shukri
by Ribaat Registration - Friday, April 20, 2018, 1:56 PM

anse maria shukriCoach Maria Shukri is a Licensed Educational Coach and certified ThinkBuzan instructor. She has been working and teaching in the field of information technology since the 1980s. Anse Maria has designed, taught, and supervised the execution of IT programs at grade school and university levels. She currently holds several degrees and certifications that bring her expertise in areas of program management, career coaching, speed reading, mind mapping, and professional development to local schools, corporations, and organizations. Coach Maria has trained over 750 readers, the speediest of them having reached 4,000 words per minute.

Now, in collaboration with Ribaat, her skills in these much-needed areas can be shared with a global audience. Register now for her Ribaat exclusive Speed Reading Workshop to dramatically improve your proficiency and competence.