Registration Fees & Policies

Registration Fees & Policies

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Registration Fees & Policies


Registration Fee:

The Ribaat registration fee applies to each course based on the type and level of the course. Registration fees are as follows:

Islamic Sciences:

  • Level 1 courses: $125 per course
  • Level 2 courses: $150 per course
  • Level 3 courses: $225 per course
  • Level 4 courses: $250 per course

Tajwid Courses:

  • Level 1 courses: $125 per course
  • Level 2 courses: $150 per course
  • Level 3 and above: $150 per term or $375 for a full year

Arabic Courses: 

  • Novice level courses: $125 per course
  • Intermediate level courses: $150
  • Advanced level courses: $225

Workshops & Retreats: Registration fees will vary and will be mentioned on the registration fee for each workshop or retreat.

Late Fee:
For all courses, a late registration fee of $20.00 applies after regular registration has closed. 

Auditing Fee:

$5.00 in addition to the registration fees listed above.

Auditing a Course:
Enrolling in a course for credit is highly advisable with Ribaat courses because much of the learning happens while completing the reading and assignments. However, for students who prefer it, an auditing option is available for Islamic Sciences Level 1 and 2 courses only. Auditing students have access to the course forum, resources, recordings, and live classes but cannot submit any assignments or exams, and do not receive credit for the course as part of Ribaat or any certifications. Auditing students register for the course at the regular registration fee in addition to a $5.00 auditing fee. Scholarships, refunds and payment plans are not available for auditing students.


Course Load:

Students may choose to enroll in just one course per term or more, depending on their schedule and availability.

The maximum number of courses each student may enroll in per term is 6 for Level 1-2 courses and 4 for Level 3-4 courses. This would be considered a full time student load. New students are advised to start with 1 or 2 courses in their first term until they are able to gauge the number of courses per term they can manage.

Students will have access to course forums, recordings, and files until the first day of the subsequent term.

Non-Profit Status:

All mentioned fees are registration fees only, and are non-refundable regardless if a student has completed the course or not.

Rabata, Inc. is recognized as a nonprofit organization by the IRS, section 501(c)(3) Tax Identification Number: 46-4208628



The registration fee is not inclusive of textbooks or other course materials. These will be listed on the course registration page as well as the syllabus, and most textbooks can be purchased from Rabata Bookshop. Daybreak offers a special discount on Ribaat books to students enrolled in a current Ribaat course. After enrolling in a course, students will have access to the textbook discount code through the course forum.


Payment Methods:

When enrollment for a term is open, registration fees can be made via PayPal or credit card at Some courses have the option to pay in installments. Registration by installments requires a PayPal account and cannot be done with only a credit card. The enrollment options for a course will be listed at the bottom of the course page when registration is open.



Academic Program: Students may request a refund before the start of the term by emailing No refunds will be provided after the start of the term, regardless of the course start date.

Workshops: Students may request a refund up to the start date of a workshop. Once a workshop has begun, no refunds or switches will be provided.

Retreats: Students may request a refund up to the date specified for the retreat. Once that date has passed, refunds will not be possible.


Switching courses:

Students may request to switch courses before the start of a course. For Islamic Sciences courses, once a course begins, no switching will be allowed. 

For Arabic and Tajwid courses, students have two weeks after the start of the course to request to switch to another level if needed. In this case, students may only switch to another Arabic or Tajwid course.



Students requesting to withdraw from a course may do so within the first 3 weeks of the term. Registration fees will not be refunded, and the student will be removed from the class list, will no longer receive notifications of class activities, or have access to the course forum or content.

However, it is advisable to remain enrolled whenever possible. Attending even one or a few sessions can be beneficial even if you are unable to complete the course. Incomplete courses will not be included in a student's transcript and will not reflect negatively on them in any way.


Financial Assistance:

Academic Program: Students seeking financial aid can apply for a scholarship through the Ribaat website. Click here to Apply for a Ribaat Scholarship.

Workshops: Scholarships are available for some workshops. Students seeking scholarships for a workshop may email

Retreats: A limited number of scholarships are available for each retreat. Applicants will need to complete a separate scholarship application process after applying for the retreat.


Free Courses:

Rabata offers free courses to winners of the annual Pilgrims at Home Competition, #RibaatSnaps Competition, Ribaat Ramadan Challenge, and various other competitions each year. These competitions are announced on the Ribaat Facebook and Instagram pages.


Give with Ribaat: 

As part of Rabata's effort to build a community where women can live in the shelter of each other, students also may sponsor a Ribaat student anonymously by contributing to the Ribaat Scholarship Fund, or gift a course to a friend or relative by enrolling them at

Scholarship donations are tax deductible in the United States. Section 501(c)(3) Tax Identification Number: 46-4208628 

Scholarships and gift certificates are not zakat eligible.


Please see Ribaat FAQs for more details, or email for questions.