Spring 2021 Course List

Spring 2021 Course List

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Click Here to browse course details and enroll.

Course schedule may be subject to change. Registered students will be informed by email of any changes.

To enroll: 

  1. Visit the Ribaat Forum.
  2. Log in. You may need to update your profile in all fields marked with a red asterisk *. Or: Create a new account.
  3. Scroll down the Ribaat homepage to the category list and click on the category you wish to enroll in.
  4. Choose your course from the options.
  5. Read more about the course, then scroll to the bottom and choose one of the registration options.
  6. Click the green button to make your payment via PayPal.
  7. Repeat for any other courses you wish to enroll in.

Ribaat course list spring 2021