Register a Friend

Register a Friend

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Click here for a Video Tutorial:

Or see the step-by-step guide below:

To register a friend or relative in a course:

  1. Ensure she has created an account at

  2. Log in to with your Ribaat account.

  3. Browse through the courses and put the course in your shopping cart.

  4. When done shopping, go to your cart and click “Check out”.

  5. In the payment options, check yes for: “Are you buying this course on behalf of someone else?”

  6. Once you have paid, click "Manage Licenses". You will also receive a confirmation email with the link to "Manage Licenses".

  7. Click "Click here to add students".

  8. Select the course, then enter the student's name and email address in the fields. These should be the same she has on her Ribaat account.

  9. Click Enroll.  

If all details were entered correctly, your friend will now be enrolled in the course! She will receive an email notification with instructions to access the course.