Arabic Program Extension Policy

Arabic Program Extension Policy

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Extension Policy

In order to foster a culture of effective language learning, we at the Ribaat Academic Institute highly encourage students to complete the assigned tasks on the days of the week specified according to the weekly course schedules. As such, the window for completing assignments and tasks will be closed a week after the date they are set.

At the same time, we recognize that students may encounter extraordinary circumstances that make it difficult to complete coursework within the specified time frames. Under such circumstances, students should submit a request for an extension no less than one week after the window has been closed. Given the short durations of the course, students are requested to inform their instructors and course coordinators immediately should any difficulties arise.

Extension requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and final approval will be communicated via email. Please note, extensions should not exceed 7 calendar days from the due date, unless circumstances are exceptional and adequate assurance can be given that the work will be completed effectively within the timeframe of the module.

Extension for the completion of personal projects and end-of-module assessments must not exceed 5 days from the due date. Further details on Week 6 extensions can be found in the End of Module procedures document.

In cases of multiple or repeated requests for extensions, we encourage students to meet with their instructors to discuss effective and sustainable ways to complete and stay on top of work in order to fulfill the requirements of the module.

All course extensions requests should be submitted via this Extension Request form. These requests must include an explanation of extraordinary circumstances.

End of Module Information

Structure of Week 6

Week 6 is revision and assessment week. During Lessons 1 and 2 you will be working independently and with your teacher to revise and review the content and skills covered in the module.

Your End of Module Assessment will be posted at the end of Lesson 2 and you will have both Lesson 3 and 4 days to complete and submit it.

Lesson 5 will be a review class of the assessment content.

End of Module Assessment

The End of Module Assessment is designed to cover the skills and knowledge you have acquired during the course of your module. It is designed to take a total of approximately two hours to complete, though students are free to take as long as they need during the submission window so long as they remain under exam conditions during the completion of the assessment (i.e., no conferring, note checking, or researching answers).

The assessment will be closed book, meaning you may not refer to notes unless stipulated clearly in the question instructions.

The deadline for the submission of your completed assessment is the start time of the Lesson 5 synchronous session. Your assessment must be submitted on the Moodle platform in the allocated submission portal.

Your assessment must be submitted as a PDF (in .pdf format) to ensure it can be graded. For suggestions on how to save your assessment as a PDF, please see the forum post titled “Helpful Tips for Uploading Files”.


Students should make every effort to submit their assignment within the 2-day window provided. In exceptional circumstances, extensions may be granted, but requests must be received before the due date of the assessment. Please double-check the deadline for your specific class. Extensions of a maximum of 5 days can be granted, but anything submitted outside of this extension window will not receive a grade.

If you face unforeseen circumstances and require an extension, please complete this Extension Request form as soon as possible with an explanation of your situation.

Lesson 5

Lesson 5 of Week 6 will consist of a review of the answers to the End of Term Assessment. You will need to have submitted your completed paper before you attend this session. As such, if you have not submitted your assessment, you will not be permitted to attend this session (otherwise you will have all the answers!). There will be a NEW Zoom link available under Week 6 Lesson 5 for this final class.

Students who submit their assessments after the initial deadline (having requested and received an extension) will be able to view the recording of the lesson once they have submitted their assessment.

Assessment Grades and Feedback

Your submitted End-of-Term Assessment paper will be marked in the week following the end of the module, and your results will be available on the Moodle platform. Any comments or feedback from your teacher on your final paper will also be available on Moodle. You will be informed by email once your grades have been posted.

Personal Project

Your personal projects are also due in Week 6 and should be submitted by the end of this week in the portal provided. If you require an extension, you must complete this Extension Request form before the submission deadline. Any requests received after this point will not be granted.

Your personal project should be submitted either as a PDF (in .pdf format) or as text in the submission box.

You will receive a submission grade for your personal project, providing it has been produced to satisfactory standards. Feedback on your project will be posted along with the submission grade and will be available on Moodle along with your assessment grade.

Participation Grade

Part of the overall grade for the module consists of a participation score. This is calculated based on the percentage of the activities, tasks, and assignments you completed throughout the six weeks.Overall Grade Once all your end of module submissions have been marked, you will receive an overall grade for the module. The breakdown of your grade is as follows:

Arabic grade table


Any queries regarding the end of module information should be directed to and any questions concerning your grades should be send to