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The Spirit of Pasta! Recordings

Speaker: Anse Dr. Tamara Gray

Length: 3 hours

Description: Learn to make pasta with Anse Tamara in this exciting and interactive class while reflecting on tradition, spiritual growth, and development of the heart. Through the art of pasta making, we will also learn self-improvement, self-direction, and self-management. As we create pasta by mixing, kneading, resting, shaping and saucing our dough, so we develop our inner selves!

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Goals to Action Workshop | January 2021

Speaker: Khadija Ahmed
Length: 2.5 hours

Description: Goals to Action is an advanced Time Management workshop. Did you always dream of writing a book but can’t seem to get started? Or meant to get certified as a Project Manager to advance your career but have no time for these big goals? Or start your own business one day? This interactive workshop is for you. This workshop will help you build an achievable and realistic action plan for your goals.
If you enjoyed Ribaat's Time Management workshop, this is the one for you! Learn how to transform your ideas and plans into reality!

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Get Stuff Done: Time Management Workshop | Recordings

Speaker: Khadija Ahmed
Length: 2 hours

Description: Join the Ribaat Academic Program in a workshop that is designed to help women navigate their constantly growing task lists. From homemakers to working professionals, soccer moms to university students - this workshop is the perfect opportunity to help women juggling any load of responsibilities to achieve their goals by conquering techniques for time management. Join Chicago's Khadija Ahmed for this celebrated workshop and finally get stuff done!

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Health & Wellness: The Prophetic Way Workshop | January 2021

Speakers: A panel of medical, health & spirituality professionals
Length: 9 hours

Description: A full-day workshop highlighting the ways you can live a balanced and healthy life, with support from the habits of the Prophet (s), verses from the Quran, and medical research. Our professional line-up of speakers will share gems from the Prophetic sunnah of how to live a happy and healthy life, as well as tips on how to maintain a balanced lifestyle in today's world.

Speakers & Topics:
Dr. Saadia Mian: Optimizing health and Immunity
Ustadha Zainab (Fit 4 ﷲ) 
Anse Reem Farra: Foods Mentioned in the Quran
Anse Sana Mohiuddin: Mental Health from Examples of the Prophet
Anse Marah Dahman: Spiritual Health
Ustadha Pari Ansari - Tibb Perspective (Prophetic Foods)
Dr Sana Ahmed: Covid Vaccine
Anse Heather ElSayed: Working out During the Pandemic

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Homeschooling 101: A Daily Dose of Homeschooling Tips | Recordings

Speakers: A panel of educators and homeschoolers
Length:  8  hours

Description: Have you found yourself in unfamiliar territory with school aged children at home? Are you feeling overwhelmed on how to balance your own work and your children's schoolwork? Are the phrases e-learning, homeschooling, and unschooling floating around in your mind but you're not sure how to navigate? Here's a workshop created with YOU in mind!
Join 7 everyday Muslim mothers who have journeyed through schooling on different ends of the spectrum. Learn how to transition your schedules, balance responsibilities, navigate multiple kids on different grade levels,  and and more!

Topics & Speakers: 

Introduction by Anse Tamara Gray

Intro to Homeschooling by Fadiyah Mian

Embracing Change and Finding Balance by Khadijah AbdulHaqq

Schedules, Routines & Accountability by Kouthar Muttardy

Schooling from Home: A Teacher’s Perspective by Safiyyah Salam

Lower and Upper Level Grades: Organization and Out of the Box Ideas by Sakeena Ahmed & Shannen Espelien

Homeschooling Children with Special Needs by Kouthar Muttardy

Homeschooling as Self-Discovery by Jennifer Crooker

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Islamic Investments: From the Cradle to the Grave | Recordings

Speakers: Monem Salam, Sameer Sarmast & Amjad Quadri
Length: 6 hours

Description: Learn  how to manage your investments with this comprehensive workshop. Becoming educated about Islamic finance can seem daunting, but we are ready to make it easy and realistic for you to stay debt free, invest your money, plan for retirement, finance a home, and arrange for estate planning and leaving an inheritance. 
Register to understand the steps to financial planning - it's an education that can last more than just your lifetime. 

Topics & Speakers:
Introduction and 5 Pillars of Islamic Finance Monem Salam
Early-Mid Years: Education/Retirement Planning Sameer Sarmast
Home Financing Amjad Quadri
Mid-End Years: Wealth Accumulation and Financial Planning Sameer Sarmast
End Years: Estate Planning & Leaving a Legacy Monem Salam

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Marriage, Children & Family Workshops | Recordings

Speakers: A panel of scholars & professionals
Length: 3 days


The conveners of the Ribaat Family Workshop series are eager to meet the demands of women around the world who want more education, resources, and support dealing with the issues affecting the most important people in their lives - themselves & their families! 
This three part Ribaat SOS! workshop series includes popular topics with practical, useful, and Islamically-grounded advice given by  qualified scholars and professionals. Topics include marriage, parenting, and inter-generational relationships.
Recordings are available for these three workshops for a limited time!

Topics & Speakers:

Day 1: Marriage

  • Finding a Husband & Newlywed Life: Anse Rydanah Dahman, Sister Safiyyah Salaam, Sister Andrea Cluck
  • Intimacy: Anse Tamara Gray, Dr. Rima Makhiawala, Sister Megan Wyatt
  • Managing Happiness: Anse Marah Dahman, Ustadha Sana Mohiuddin, Sister Nuriddeen Knight
  • Serious Issues: Dr. Zainab Alwani, Anse Maha Hamoui, Sister Sadia Jalali
  • Polygamy:  Sister Zainab Younus & Sister Olivia Kompier
  • Blended & Joint Families: Sister Menahal Begawala, Sister Andrea Cluck, Sister Afshan Malik


Day 2: Raising Children:

  • Spiritual Upbringing with Anse Marah Dahman and Anse Raghad Bushnaq
  • Traditions and Celebrations with Sr. Jenn Crooker and Ustadha Sana Mohiuddin
  • Developing a Tool Kit: Practical Tips for Parents with Dr. Hena Syed-Sabir and Dr. Eman Penny
  • To School or Not to School? with Sr. Kathy Jamil and Sr. Whittni Brown
  • Children with Special Needs with Anse Rydanah Dahman, Sr. Valerie Shirley, Sr. Heather Kamia, Dr. Mona Minkara, & Ustadha Zaynab Ansari

Day 3: Tides of Change:

  • Anchoring the Spiritual Upbringing of Newborns & Toddlers
  • Navigating your Teens' Segue into Adulthood
  • Managing Elderly Care and Support
  • Sailing Solo: Single Mothers & Parenting
  • Surviving the Loss of Children and Parents
  • Douse the Fire of Burnout

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Falah Workshop 2019 | Recordings

Speaker: Dr. Tamara Gray
Length: 7 hours


A 7-day workshop to guide you to success in this life and the next. The Falah 7 Steps to Success Workshop with Dr. Tamara Gray is a highly sought-after program that provides enrichment, guidance, and direction for Muslim women. Each of the seven steps will give attendees practical tips for their spiritual and personal lives to attain true success, true falah, in both worlds. 

Designed by female scholars, celebrated by Muslim women, and brought to the comfort of your home by the Ribaat Academic Program - this 7 day workshop should not be missed!


Day 1 Akhira Glasses
Day 2 Retreat, Reflect, and Remember
Day 3 Seek Solace in Service
Day 4 Heed your Healthy Heart
Day 5 Make your House a Home
Day 6 Travel with a Guide
Day 7 Commit to Circles

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"Is My Period Over?" Workshop | Recordings

Speakers: A panel of fiqh scholars

Length: 6 hours


Join today's female scholars to discuss the often asked fiqh question, "Is my period over?"
This can often be a confusing issue, and the Ribaat Academic Program is here to provide you with an interactive workshop including lessons from four different madhabs regarding the female menstrual cycle - everything from determining how to navigate your cycles to nourishing the soul during the different menstruating phases of a woman's life.
Learn from the women who've walked the walk and handled the real issues regarding the circumstances surrounding our periods.

Speakers & Topics:

Anse Shehnaz Karim: Spiritual Connectivity during Menstruation

Anse Marah Dahman: Insight on Periods with Shafi'i Fiqh

Ustadha Farzana Chowdhury: Insight on Periods with Hanafi Fiqh

Dr. Haifaa Younis: Insight on Periods with Hanbali Fiqh

Ustadha Mona Elzankaly: Insight on Periods with Maliki Fiqh

Anse Tamara Gray: Closing activity and a short halaqa

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Spiritual Abuse Workshop - Recordings

Speakers: A panel of scholars

Length: 7 hours

Description: Spiritual abuse is a serious problem in our communities. Men, women, and children are all vulnerable. Oftentimes, those involved are not sure what constitutes an unhealthy student and teacher relationship and how to stay professional, yet engaged. This webinar will equip attendees with the knowledge of what spiritual abuse really means and how we can become preventative, both as students and as teachers. Our 7 speakers explore the nuances of spiritual abuse, preventative measures, guidelines for parents whose children are in the process of religious and spiritual development, and what the ideal student and teacher relationship has been according to the Sunnah of our beloved Messenger .

Speakers & Topics:

Ustadha Sana Mohiuddin: Protecting our Children

Ustadha Zaynab Ansari: Protection from Spiritual Abuse

Ustadha Ieasha Prime: The Sunnah Relationship

Anse Tamara Gray: Teacher's Guide: How to Establish Relationships & Set Boundaries

Dr. Ingrid Mattson: Understanding Spiritual Abuse

Salma Abugideiri, LPC: Help for Victims

Shaykh Rami Nsour: A Community's Responsibility

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Daybreak Press Let's Spill Some Ink 2017 | Webinar Recordings

Speakers: A panel of published authors

Length: 9 hours


Attend the recordings of these original webinars with Daybreak Press. Gain the tricks and tools of the trade to begin your writing career, get your work published and start a successful marketing campaign to promote your work.

Topics & Speakers:

Writing Webinar: Anse Najiyah Maxfield, Afshan Malik, Tayyaba Syed

Marketing Webinar: Afshan Malik,  Jenny Triplett, Umm Juwayriyah

Publishing WebinarSaadia Faruqi, Papatia Feauxzar, Angie El Sherif

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