Ribaat Workshops

Ribaat Workshops

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ribaat workshops

Ribaat workshops are short-term classes, each focused on a specific topic. Academic credit is not assigned for workshops, and they are not graded. Workshops are offered online periodically, with new workshops added each year. Workshop fees and durations vary depending on the topic. Some of these workshops include:

  • Ramadan Ready Workshop
  • Quran Ready Workshop
  • Hajj Ready Workshop
  • Project Lina: A Workshop for Converts
  • Convert Care Workshop
  • Speed Reading Workshop
  • MBTI Personality Types Workshops
  • Mystic Beats Drumming Workshops
  • Health & Wellness: The Prophetic Way
  • Spiritual Abuse Workshop
  • Marriage Workshop
  • Raising Children Workshop
  • Spiritual Abuse Workshop
  • "Is My Period Over?” Workshop

For information on our current workshop offerings, visit register.rabata.org.