Ribaat Arabic Program FAQs

Ribaat Arabic Program FAQs

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What is the fee for each module?

The registration fee is $125 for each 6-week module.

How do I know which level of Arabic to start with?

Students with no previous knowledge of Arabic or the letters at all should begin with Novice Beginner 1. Students who have some knowledge of Arabic, should take the placement test to receive a recommendation for which level to join.

Can we take the placement test with notes, book, or dictionary?

No. The placement test is closed book, in order to precisely place each student at the correct level for her skill level.

Do I have to take the placement test in one sitting?


How long does the placement test take?

On average it has taken students between 10-35 minutes.

Will students need to complete the first 6 week session before they can enroll for the second 6 weeks in the fall semester?

Yes, registration for the second module will be open later in the term.

Do late registration dates apply to Arabic courses?

No. There is no late registration for Arabic. Students need to begin working on the coursework from the first day of the module or they will already have fallen behind.

What is the difference between Section 1 and Section 2? Do I take these in order?

No. These are 2 groups taking the same module during the same 6-week timeframe. The only difference is the day and time that sessions meet. Different sections may or may not be taught by the same instructor.

For Arabic, regarding the 2 weekly lecture classes, do those have to be attended live? Or can we watch recordings?

it is highly recommended to attend the class sessions live whenever possible to achieve the best results. For this reason, most modules are offered in sections so students can choose the timing option that works  best for them. Recordings are available for students who cannot attend either section live. Students who are able to keep up with the coursework have been able to complete courses successfully by watching recordings.

Will the same Arabic courses be offered on the spring semester?

Some yes and some not. Details on Spring courses will be available January 1st.

Which text books will be used in the new Arabic curriculum?

The Ribaat Arabic team are tailor making our own curriculum and learning resources will be provided for students. The only other resource required is the Hans Wehr root dictionary.